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Vietnam is widely known as a budget destination. We are sure our Vietnam money saving tips will help your budget. Over the last few years travelers have been bringing their hard earned holiday cash here and finding out just how far it can stretch. No matter where you visit, being travel smart with your budget always helps. Our money saving tips will provide you with information to ensure your money goes further in Vietnam.

Vietnam is the perfect combination of being amazingly budget friendly. If you are sticking to a tight budget or simply want more for your money then our money saving tips will show you how to get that extra mile. Vietnam will provide you with value like no where else. Activities and tours, such as those to SapaHalong Bay or the Mekong Delta, are all reasonably priced. Such tours will have you immersed in the true flavor of Vietnam. Here are some money saving tips that will help you while you are on your travels in Vietnam.

1. Taxi's in Vietnam

Our number one tip for saving money in Vietnam regards Taxis. Taxis in Vietnam unfortunately have a very bad reputation when dealing with tourists. It is not uncommon for a taxi driver to take you on a unwanted sightseeing tour of the city as part of your original journey. Despite you having google maps on your phone the taxi driver will simply "play dumb" and insist that you pay. Thankfully "Grab" operate in Vietnam now. Grab provides tourists with the perfect way to avoid being over charged. Simply download the app to your phone, put in your destination address and then a cost will be provided!

2. Low Budget Flights

Vietnam, like most countries, provides low-cost (Budget) airlines, eg: VietJet, Jetstar and Fly Vietnam. These budget friendly airlines are extremely inexpensive and make a great option for traveling cheap through Vietnam. They usually come with a 7kg per person carry on allowance. You can have the added benefit of adding additional options to personalize your trip. One such option would be the adding of additional luggage. Additional luggage can cost as little as 100,000 VND. These budget-friendly airlines provide a great service that is both cheap and reliable. This is a great piece of advice for saving money. If you have a limited amount of time to explore Vietnam, then these budget friendly airlines make a great offering.

3. Wi-Fi or Sim Card

Free Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere in Vietnam, you really will be surprised. You can usually get connected for free wherever you visit. Free Wi-Fi is available in Bia Hoi, Mini Marts, guest houses, hotels, restaurants, airports and shops, you will just about find it everywhere. Places where people may find it difficult to access Wi-Fi will be in national parks, tourist attractions, cruises, most long bus journeys and more rural villages. If you really can't imagine not being connected then you can purchase a sim card with internet access at the airport when you arrive. The mobile operators in Vietnam are: Viettel Mobile, MobiFone and VinaPhone.  Internet Packages range from as little as 20,000VND (Just under $1) to 500,000 (Just under $30.

4. Haggling Skills

Vietnam is a developing country, which makes the cost of living very cheap indeed. Tourists can fall victim to being over charged. This overcharging culture is a result of very low living standards and conditions for many Vietnamese people. Many see foreigners as extremely wealthy. Vietnam Money Saving Tip -  always ask the price before you commit to anything. The seller's starting price can be 3 times higher than the local price. Start your first offer at least 2 thirds lower than the seller's starting price. Ask for the cost of the same item at three different sellers, this provides you with a truer average cost. Bargaining hard is part of the culture so don't feel uncomfortable when taking part in this activity, it's supposed to be a little bit of fun.

5. Vietnamese street food

Food in Vietnam is everywhere and Vietnamese street food is excellent value! It is usually always delicious and there is a great selection to choose from. You can normally sit (on one of the small blue chairs) watching it being cooked with a glass of beer (Bai Hoi) while the world goes by. The price of street food can vary in cost but it is usually never more than 20,000VND. Eating some street food in Vietnam is a sure fire way to travel through Vietnam on a budget.  Money Saving Tip - Anywhere you see the small blue or red chairs (children's stools) is always great value and cheap!


Beer at some point is on the lips of every traveler. The great news in Vietnam is that it's CHEAP! A bottle of Tiger, Saigon or Beer Hanoi costs around $1 from local small bars or Mini Marts. However, a much cheaper option you will see everywhere (Esp in Hanoi) is bia hoi (Pronounced BEER HOY). This must be one of (if not) the cheapest beer in the world. Bia Hoi is a draught beer sold in small cups and costs around 15-30 cents (6,000VND) per cup. You will see them everywhere, typically small blue chairs with lots of people sitting drinking and chatting. As with everything in Vietnam, the quality of the beer changes from barrel to barrel. Money Saving Tip - Always look for a Bia Hoi that has many people or has lots of litter on the floor, it's a sign of happy customers!

7. Watch your money

Vietnam is full of wonderful people with beautiful kind hearts. However, always check your change in-front of the seller after every transaction. Also be wary of ATM charges, as these can unknowingly add up. Vietnam Money Saving Tip - When checking your money after a transaction, make sure none of the notes are damaged. Damaged notes in Vietnam are practically worthless! If a seller tries to give you a damaged note or a repaired note, kindly refuse it and ask for a different note. It's very common to ask for this so don't feel embarrassed.

8. Be Flexible

Timing is everything when you’re trying to save money while traveling. With some good preparation the minor tweaks in your plans can change your overall costs significantly. The ability to be flexible can get you and your cash far. Check out the differences in cost between peak and off peak season, you will be surprised by the saving you make. Traveling in the shoulder seasons can help you to save a great deal. For example, if you are traveling during the summer from May to the end of September, there’s a big deal for most Halong Bay cruises from 20% to 40% discount. Of course the weather will need to be considered but you’ll still have the chance to explore a destination without getting bothered because of the crowds.

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