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Pharmacy tips Vietnam

Pharmacy Tips Vietnam

So, we have all been in that position, the position of feeling very vulnerable whenever sickness strikes! Whats worse is when you are in a foreign country and no-one speaks English.  So you pull out google translator, frantically type your request only to be met by either quizzical looks or worse still, just laughter! Later discovering, what you thought was “Paracetamol” was actually “Potatoes”!

Well, help is at hand our ” Pharmacy Tips – Vietnam” will give you just what you need to survive!

Pharmacy Tips - Vietnam

As you know, English is not really popular everywhere in Vietnam. Therefore, most of the street signs, restaurants, shops or pharmacy’s are typically in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese alphabet maybe latinized but don’t be fooled! Vietnamese is a tonal language, get the tone wrong and a simple thing like “Chicken” (gà) easily becomes “Train-station” (ga)!

Pharmacy Tips Vietnam

Well, panic no more, pharmacy’s are everywhere in Vietnam, literally! You may just find it a little difficult to find them if you do not know what to look for. Pharmacy’s in Vietnam can typically be found down small narrow alleyways. If you see any signs with the words: HIỆU THUỐC or NHÀ THUỐC or QUẦY THUỐC. That is exactly what you are looking for!

Pharmacy tips Vietnam

So you have found your pharmacy, however, this is not the end of your adventure. Many pharmacists do not usually speak English, why would they, their customers are Vietnamese! So what should you do? Well, don’t panic. Here are some of the most common tablets that most Vietnamese need to take when they feel under the weather.

Feel free to write them down, print them off or take a screen shot so you can show it to the pharmacist when you visit the drug store.

If you have a headache, you ask:


If you have a cold, you ask:


If you have a diarrhea, you ask:


If you have a temperature, you ask:


If you have a cough, you ask:


Pharmacy Tips Vietnam

In extremely bad cases or emergencies, if you need an ambulance, just dial: 115 and tell them your address, they will come to take you to the hospital as soon as possible.

Hopefully , this blog is helpful for you. Have a great time in Vietnam and be healthy !!!

Note, we are not trained pharmacists or doctors.

“Pharmacy Tips Vietnam” Written By Huyen Tri Tran”

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